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Club Screenings

Hosted and programmed by South West Silents regular Mark Fuller, our monthly club screenings can be found in the screening room of one of Bristol’s best pubs, the former coaching inn, The Lansdown. This traditional pub can be found on the edge of Clifton Village and has a very fine selection of beers, wines, ales and a fantastic (and tasty) menu which can be ordered and eaten during our screenings.

These club screenings are totally free for everyone to attend and give us all a chance to discuss future programming as well as a place to meet fellow film fans. The screenings are usually set around a wide variety of themes or subjects; past screenings have included the films of Anny Ondra, Ivan Mosjoukine, early animation, Japanese Crime, Clara Bow, Soviet animation, Cinema on the Front Line of the First World War and many others. All the screenings are introduced by a fellow SWS member and the films (usually a silent film rarity) are screened with a recorded score. 

Doors are open at 7:30pm with introductions starting at 8:00pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Do check timings for Club Screenings as they do change due to film length at times. 

Club Screenings will take place every first Wednesday of every month and will be listed below.  

SWS Club Screening

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