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The Lost World (1925)

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

‘Before Jurassic Park! Before King Kong! There was The Lost World!’

2017 has been a busy year for South West Silents. But that bares nothing to what we have planned for 2018! To kick start our special regional events we are screening a classic from the silent silent era. Now a screening Harry O. Hoyt’s authorised adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s thrilling adventure classic, The Lost World (1925) is nothing new. 

But what we are able to showcase for you on Sunday 25th February at the beautiful Curzon Cinema & Arts, Clevedon is not only The Lost World (1925) with a newly recorded score by Robert Israel. But also a brand spanking new restoration by Lobster Films, Paris

This new restoration has even more material than any other theatically released version ever before, a version which hasn’t been seen since the film’s original release over 90 years ago!

Not only that, we are thrilled to invite Aardman Animations’ very own co-founder Peter Lord to introduce this stop motion masterpiece at this new restoration UK Premiere! 

So book your tickets in advance as this one is going to be busy and join us as we return to The Lost World! More info below.

Lost World-19

Willis O’Brien (1886 – 1962) on set of The Lost World (1925)

Eight years before King Kong (1933) Willis O’Brien brought his masterful skills at stop motion animation to the big screen via Harry O. Hoyt’s authorised adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s thrilling adventure classic, The Lost World.

Follow Professor Challenger (Wallace Beery), as he and a crew of curious explorers embark on an expedition in search of a mythical, prehistoric plateau in South America. The party is not there long before the “lost world” of the jungle begins to reveal its secrets. These secrets would not only terrify the party of explorers but bring chaos to the streets of Edwardian London in a fantastic cinematic conclusion!

The Lost World had some of the key silent film stars of the age, Bessie Love, Lewis Stone, Wallace Beery and Lloyd Hughes. But like all later monster films, the monsters out shone the actors. When released The Lost World was a triumph of advancing the technology of special effects in the film industry and paved the way for future stop motion legends such as Ray Harryhausen and Aardman Animations.

The Lost World (1925)

The Lost World (1925)

But true to its title, the 1925, 10-reel version of The Lost World effectively disappeared from circulation in 1925. All known positive prints destroyed, a move by First National Pictures to help clear the way for another “creature film” utilizing special effects and Willis O’Brien’s cutting-edge animation techniques: King Kong. For more than 80 years, only abridged editions of The Lost World remained in existence… until now!

South West Silents are thrilled to present this visually stunning 2K restoration by Lobster Films, Paris, incorporating almost all original elements from archives and collections around the world.

Renowned silent film composer Robert Israel contributes a new and ambitious recorded score, performed by a full orchestra in 2016.

Special introduction to the film by film director and co-founder of Aardman Animations, Peter Lord.

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